The project

The project


Sites and monuments in the Danube countries are more threatened than ever before, because of rapid urban and rural development. The cultural landscapes and sites are vulnerable under such anthropic pressures.

Extension of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire, World Heritage Site, in lower Danube countries will foster the development of an integrate long term strategy for protection and promotion of cultural heritage in this areas.

The Frontiers of the Roman Empire is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the largest archaeological monument in the EU and one of the largest in the World.

Danube Limes Brand stands for the Extension of The Frontiers of the Roman Empire, World Heritage Site, in lower Danube countries.

The outcomes consists of documents for new entries on the Romania’s UNESCO Tentative List and nomination documents for one or two selected sites for UNESCO World Heritage List.

A secondary objective of this project is the development of a marketing strategy for the areas and sites proposed for listing,

Transnational project activities will foster a network of Limes sites and institutions in the Lower Danube countries (Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Austria) to create a wide body of study and dissemination of the cultural and economic values of cultural heritage.

This project will improve cooperation in South East Europe and particularly in the Lower Danube countries.

At regional level, the project will develop a common strategy to ensure proper use of cultural resources in the areas and protection of the cultural heritage. The project will elaborate a concept of sustainable development through tourism and exploitation of economic values of the sites in the Lower Danube countries.

Danube Limes Brand key data: